Station Area -International Architectural Competition

​The City of Kerava (Finland) is organizing an international architectural competition to develop the area of the Kerava Station. The competition form is an open idea competition, and it will start in November 2021 and end in February 2022. With the help of the competition, the city will seek diverse views on the long-term construction of the western and eastern side of Kerava Station in a high-quality and climate-wise manner.

Competitors are expected to form multidisciplinary teams of experts in various fields, such as wood construction, ecological construction, and landscape design. Competitors are invited to present ideas for creating a gateway to a climate-wise city in the Kerava Station area in the future.

More detailed information about the competition can be found in the competition program to be announced in November. The competition program and other necessary starting materials can then be found on this page at

Welcome to participate!

Get to know Kerava

Kerava is small in area, only about 30 km2. Nevertheless, Kerava is the third most densely populated city in Finland with almost 38,000 inhabitants, right after Helsinki and Kauniainen. Kerava was once built as a marketplace in the area of the current station. In 1924 Kerava became a township and in 1970 the township grew into a city.

Kerava Station is one of the stations on Finland's first train line, the Helsinki-Hämeenlinna line. Kerava is about a 20-minute train ride north of the Helsinki city center. Its location as a transport hub near the capital creates great conditions for the development of the city.

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