Station Area -International Architectural Competition

An international ideas competition was arranged on the renewal of the Kerava station area from 15 November 2021 to 15 February 2022. The competition yielded a total of 46 entries that met the submission criteria. 

Jury´s assessment report

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Competition jury

The jury will decide on the result of the competition according to the competition rules and the principles detailed in the competition programme. The jury will select the winner of the competition, and, in the case that the winner is decided by a vote, the professional members of the jury must have the majority vote in accordance with the competition rules. The experts will not participate in selecting the winner.

The jury members are:

  • Kirsi Rontu (chair of the competition jury), Mayor of Kerava
  • Pia Sjöroos, Director of Urban Planning, Town of Kerava, Architect SAFA (professional member)
  • Erkki Kauranen, Chair of the Urban Development Division, Town Board, Town of Kerava
  • Kai Perhola, Property Development Manager, VR Group
  • Vesa Humalisto, Architect SAFA (professional member)
  • Santtu Hyvärinen, Architect SAFA (professional member)
  • Katariina Peltola, Landscape Architect MARK (professional member)


Experts appointed by the city of Kerava assisting the jury in judging the entries are:

  • Tuomas Turpeinen, Senior Land Use Planner, Town of Kerava
  • Arja Elovirta, Director of Museum Services, Town of Kerava
  • Erkki Vähätörmä, Acting Director of Town Engineering, Town of Kerava
  • Samuli Isola, expert in local history, Kerava-seura ry

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