Places to visit

​Here are some places that are worth visiting while being in Kerava:


Art and Museum Centre Sinkka

Kultasepänkatu 2, tel. 040 318 4300


Kerava Manor

tel. 040 4847217


Wed-Fri 14 to 21

Sat-Sun 13 to 17


Kerava church

The church was designed by architect Ahti Korhonen and built in the late autumn of 1963. It was last renovated in 1993. The concrete and brick structured white-coloured church represents our modern church architecture, which is characterised by a quest for simple and functional spaces. The light and white, extensive wall surfaces create the impression of silence.


Papintie 2, tel. 0400 378 080


Galleria Alli

Paasikivenkatu 9, tel. 040 846 3469

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