Getting around

​Getting around on foot is easy due to the compact size of Kerava. Cycling is also favoured, because we pay particular attention to the maintenance of bicycle paths. The town centre is closed for car traffic, so moving by bicycle or on foot is also enjoyable.


Cycling map of Kerava, Järvenpää and Tuusula


The cycling map made collaboratively by Kerava, Järvenpää and Tuusula has now been published. The map gives an overall view of the light traffic routes of the municipalities. The area consists of several kilometres of bike paths in the densely built town and urban environment as well as in the countryside. In addition to bicycle routes, points of interest for bikers, culture-lovers and outdoorsmen are marked.


The map scale is 1:35,000, and it represents the situation as of 2006. One side of the map depicts the cycling routes of the area. The reverse side consists of a partial magnification of the centre of Kerava and highlights the most important traffic rules and instructions for cyclists.


The cycling map is distributed in the three municipalities, and is available in e.g. the town and municipal hall, libraries and sports places. The map can also be found as several PDF files on the internet at: The map is broken down into smaller pieces in order to ease the printing onto A4 sheets."


Bus traffic


The bus traffic also works well in Kerava. The public transport inside Kerava and between the Helsinki metropolitan area is run by the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL). (Address:


Internal lines

Lines 5 and 8


Regional lines

633 Kerava -Vallinoja - Helsinki

738 Mattilanpuisto - Kerava - Ahjo - Helsinki
973 Kerava - Peijas - Päiväkumpu

Towards Sipoo and Tuusula

950, 953 towards Sipoo
933,632,635,638 towards Tuusula

Buses towards Sipoo and Tuusula are U lines


HSL customer service

The customer service is available at 094766 4000 (lnc)
Mon-Fri 7 to 19, Sat-Sun 8 to 17


Sightseeing tours and guides:


Krapi Matkailupalvelu

tel. (09) 274 841


Järvenpää tourist information office

tel. (09) 2719 2718

Hallintokatu 4 Po Box 41

04401 Järvenpää


Tuusula Travel info

tel. (09) 8718 3465

Keski-Uudenmaan matkailuoppaat ry

Chairman Tarja Vuokkovaara, tel. 040-7272 535

For more info:

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